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1st IVF = BFN
2nd IVF = Baby A, born May 2015
3rd IVF = Miscarriage at 14 weeks
4th IVF = BFN
After we paid for 5th IVF, positive pregnancy w/o IVF!

Because the important moments in life just don’t fit in a status update! I started this blog when I was training for my first ½ Ironman, (70.3 miles) to record what I hoped would be growth and progress but ended up being a huge learning experience. Although fitness is one of the key ingredients to a happy life, it certainly isn't the only ingredient. My blog has evolved to document growth, progress and setbacks in other areas too. From my surprise proposal in Rome and wedding in the fall of 2013, to Mom's devastating stage IV cancer diagnosis and death 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant. Who knows what shape it will take, but thanks for being along for the ride.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I promised you an update...good or bad. You didn't think I had forgotten, did you? I started my (what shall we call it?) weight-loss challenge about 6 weeks ago because we were flying back to Kona and I would be in my bikini 90% of my waking hours. I was quite confident I would show results. I've finished 15 marathons and an ultra for crying out loud! I have the determination and drive, right?

My first week, 5 weeks ago, yielded good results with a 3.5 pound weight loss. At this rate, I will definitely reach my goal, I thought. But then, I gained some weight. Uh oh. Time for some drastic measures...so I bought all this food:

I sampled one of each of these at his sister's baby shower.
Which was great and all, except it was too strict, leaving me feeling deprived and on the weekend, I would eat all this food:
I imagined writing this blog entry with a feeling of sense and accomplishment. Instead, I sit here at LAX informing you, dear reader, that I am exactly the same weight as I was six weeks ago...no more, no less.

My friends Delia and Ann-Marie, who can help me see the good in almost any situation both put a positive spin on the whole thing by pointing out that at least I didn't gain. True, true. But I have to admit I'm still a bit disappinted.

One thing that I learned was something that I guess I already knew: diets don't work! It's the small changes, over time, that really give us results. Not eating ANY candy on Halloween like I did is just not realistic! And trying to loose weight in such a short amount of time doesn't work! So, I'm going to continue on, allow myself small indulgences here and there, workout more (I really slacked off with the Insanity workouts and runs these last few weeks) and set a new goal: to be in the best shape of my life come February when we have our mystery trip.

And come Thanksgiving, I will be having seconds! But, I'll also be going for a run as soon as I wake up...and probably the day after.

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