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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Idea + Printables

One of the many things that attracted me to my husband is how creative and thoughtful he is when planning special events. On our first Valentine's Day, he told me I was in for a surprise. The only clue I was given was that I needed to bring comfortable shoes. 
He took me to Atomic Ballroom and I had my first-ever dance lesson. It was really romantic and they came in useful when it was time to get married. We sort of ran out of time to learn, but at least had down the basics. 

These are comfortable shoes, right?

After the lessons, we went to Gulliver's for dinner. I cherish these photos, especially because he has his now wedding ring (which belonged to his grandfather) on in this picture. He wore it on his right hand then. 

So, what to do for our first Valentine's as Mr. and Mrs.? Guys are always hard to buy for, and I can't get him anything too extravagant because we have a three week trip to Europe planned this summer.

I have a small gift for him...but, it didn't seem to be enough. I found the perfect solution over at the Dating Divas website!


So, instead of just handing him a gift, he's going to have to work for it. The first clue I'll give to him, no strings attached. It reads "Splish, splash, SPLISHES ... it's the place where you put the dirty dishes." There, he will find his second clue. But, unlike a regular scavenger hunt, he's gonna have to complete tasks before he's given the next clue. He will have to pay a price, such as....

  • Sweep your lady into your arms and dance with her for an entire romantic song before reading the next clue. (I will have our wedding song ready to go).
  • Kiss your woman like she's NEVER been kissed before...and then you can read the next clue
  • Mmmm...nothing is yummier than chocolate covered strawberries! Take turns feeding each other chocolate-dipped strawberries before reading the next clue.

  • So, the clues are inside envelopes… and on the outside of the envelopes are the tasks that have to be completed before reading the clue inside. 

    The complete instructions and printables can be found HERE. Go to idea #4.

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