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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gennet IVF Clinic in Prague - First Visit

Yesterday was a bank holiday here in Prague, but we scoped out the fertility center where I will be doing my 3rd round of IVF. The outside of the multi-story building was very sleek and modern, as was the lobby when we walked in today, 30 minutes early for my appointment.

Most employees spoke English, some better than others. The receptionist told us we could take the lift to the 2nd floor and wait for my coordinator. As we walked past her and to the elevator, it was as if we were stepping back into time and into a sanatorium. There were those outdated tiles on the floor and very old wooden doors juxtaposed with the modern. I wasn't expecting it because Gennet which opened in 2013 and the exterior was so new. 

My coordinator came over to greet us and the first thing I noticed was her acid-washed jeans. Not a big deal, quit focusing on appearance, I told myself. 

And then my nurse walked in wearing a get-up so similar to Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest that it seemed to be a copy.

The first thing my husband and I had to do was give blood to check for STDs. This is also required back in the states for IVF, but our tests were outdated. After that, I was taken back to the exam room for an ultrasound. The doctor spoke limited English, but did his best with "Take your clothes off and sit on table." He went back over to his computer as I waited an extra few seconds to see if he was going to leave or give me one of those disposable sheets to drape over myself. Nope, he just sat at his computer, so I did as he said. Now, this did not make me uncomfortable in any way, as I realize that us Americans are a bit more uptight than the rest of the world...but it was a noticable difference and I could see ho it could bother someone not expecting it.

He said everything looked good and went over my protocol with me, which you can see below. Due to my low AMH level, I am on one of the highest protocols that there is.

My husband and daughter came back in the room, as did my coordinator who helped translate for the doctor who could answer our questions, but was clearly more comfortable speaking Czech. I am now waiting for my cycle to start. I took my last birth control pill on the 4th of July to time it right, per their instructions, but it has not started. It's just after midnight here, and I'm worried that it's not going to soon, which will throw everything off.

And we have already purchased nearly a thousand dollars in medication. Don't get me wrong, this is a fourth of the price back home, but what good are they if I can't start taking them and have the procedure? I am very nervous about that. And tomorrow, we catch a train to Vienna.

As soon as I start, that will be considered day one, and I am to start the Menopur injections on day 3. They want me to have a scan on day 6. Since we will be in Budapest by then, it is impractical to return because it is 8 hours by train, and I will need to be here for 10 days later in the month for scans, trigger, and egg retrieval and then embryo transfer (provided we have one). 

They wrote me a letter stating what they need on the ultrasound day 6 (follicle count and size) so that I can have it done at a clinic in Budapest and then Gennet will know how to adjust my medications, and when I should return. So, other than willing my cycle to start, that is my mission for tomorrow; to scan the letter and start contacting clinics in Budapest to find one that can help.

One more thing. I have several boxes of the Menopur - six I think - and it needs to be kept refrigerated. We left it at the clinic and are on a mission in the morning to find one of those big insulated bags to cart with us on the train ride to Vienna. So much for packing light. We're going to be lugging that around to two more countries!


  1. This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing!! I always start my cycle 4 days after stopping bcp- hopefully yours starts soon! Sending lots of prayers!! Xoxo

  2. We had a letter...but they never asked to see it!

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