Our miracle RAINBOW BABY BOY arrived 8/2018

1st IVF = BFN
2nd IVF = Baby A, born May 2015
3rd IVF = Miscarriage at 14 weeks
4th IVF = BFN
After we paid for 5th IVF, positive pregnancy without IVF!

Because the important moments in life just don’t fit in a status update! I started this blog when I was training for my first ½ Ironman, (70.3 miles) to record what I hoped would be growth and progress but ended up being a huge learning experience. Although fitness is one of the key ingredients to a happy life, it certainly isn't the only ingredient. My blog has evolved to document growth, progress and setbacks in other areas too. From my surprise proposal in Rome and wedding in the fall of 2013, to Mom's devastating stage IV cancer diagnosis and death 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant. Who knows what shape it will take, but thanks for being along for the ride.

Monday, February 5, 2018

January Update - 31 Months

I finally switched over to titling my monthly updates by the month that we're in, instead of how many months old she is, which I probably should have stopped after her first birthday!

This month brought with it lots of questions from A. We would be getting ready for dinner, for example, and she would ask "What are we doing, Mommy?" Or we would be on a walk and she would ask "Where we going, Daddy?"

We were still in Oregon for New Years and really enjoyed our time there. Surprisingly, we didn't have any rain and were able to do daily walks and get A on her pony a few times.

This is such a fun, remarkable age. I love how well she can communicate with us now. She had to go on antibiotics and after a rough medicine delivery that involved holding her head, she said "I take my medicine like big girl!" and came reluctantly over to me with her mouth open.

A highlight of this month was starting dance class; ballet and tap. We went to the first lesson and she was the only student there for the first 15 minutes. Much different than the Mommy 'n me we previously attended, I sat outside of the room and watched instead of holding her hand. She went through her clingy phase, as all kids do, but now is at an age where she was fine with me not being right there. She seemed confused for the first five minutes (who wouldn't be?) and was not following what the teachers were doing. I wanted to open the door and tell her "Listen to your teacher" but of course didn't. In no time, she was imitating them and placing her arms up while spinning slowly in a circle.

The two teachers asked what her favorite songs were, and played Beauty and the Beast. They also brought out small princess mats, and at each one, she was to do something different, such as a bow. I was really impressed with their ability to teach her, even on day one!

After about 15 minutes, another student named Betty joined, and I talked with her Mom while watching. At one point, I was lost in watching her and realized I had tears in my eyes. Since before she was born, I had imagined this day. At the end of class, she was proud of the sticker on her hand that she earned and the new friend she made, who she hugged.

It was meant to be a trial, but we ended up being a fully committed, ordering her adorable outfit for her June performance, tap shoes, another leotard, and more tights before sundown. My only disappointment was that I would have to wait a whole week for the next one!

She is doing really well with potty training, and now only wears a diaper at night. But she has yet to go "number two" on the toilet. When I drop her off every morning and, when I pick her up, we use the potty at daycare. As she was going number one, I told her "You know, you can go poops on the toilet too, and them Mommy won't have to change you." She paused for a moment and then said "Hmm. That's a good idea!"

We were coming up on a three day weekend, and I told her we would go to Disneyland. She promptly told me she wanted to take Beast, and "I go on teacups! It's my favorite." She has started using "It's my favorite" a lot. And this particular Disneyland visit was my favorite because it wasn't crowded, and we were able to go on a lot more rides than usual, plus Tom Sawyer's Island.

That weekend, she had her third dance class, followed buy a spa-day and tea with Snow White. While Snow White was doing story-time with the kids, she asked if they had any animal friends. Baby A proudly declared that she had chickens, and when she said she had 4 chickens, Snow White asked "Oh really four chickens?!" while looking to the group of parents to verify that this was actually true. A little embarrassed, I nodded and said that yes, she did have four chickens, while other parents gathered around and asked questions like how many eggs they produce and whether or not they were good pets. 

First manicure
The following week we had a few fun activities: Free play at Bounce-U with The Carters, and ceramic painting at Color-Me-Mine following her 6 month check-up at the dentist.

One of the sweetest moments of the month happened at morning drop-off at daycare. We had been reading the Kiss Box the past few nights. One of the things mama bear does because she has to leave (and baby bear doesn't want her to go) is cover his paws with kisses, so he can save them and plant one on his face whenever he misses her. So we were walking up to the gate, and I told her I was going to give her a bunch of kisses on her fingertips to save and use throughout the day. She was a bit oblivious to the conversation and focused on opening the gate. I figured it was probably too abstract of an idea for her, and we walked into her classroom. I signed her in, and took her to the potty. After she washed her hands and we returned to the class, I said goodbye and asked for a hug. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, and I asked for a kiss. She gave me a little pucker, then without skipping a beat, held up all of her fingertips to me to kiss. She was listening, after all. Little ones are always listening. 

Things I don't want to forget about this month:
  • Kissing her fingertips when I drop her off at school so she has them for later in the day.
  • Kiss attacks! When we snuggle in the morning after she gets up and finds me, she will usually ask for kiss attacks now 

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